About Nova
About Nova

Nova is a Swedish market analysis and business development firm with global reach. We work with most countries and industries and a wide array of different tools and technologies.


Our customers include everything from corporations that are global leaders within their field, to innovative start-ups, and everything in-between.


At Nova we are passionate about insight. Our main focus is not the data that we collect, but rather the insights that can be gained from such data, and in the end, how such insights can be applied to an organisation in order to facilitate profitable growth.


Our customer promise is to be quick, dedicated and easy to deal with. If we get a chance of working together we look forward to showing you what this means. In the meanwhile, we look forward to having a chat and invite you to get in touch.



Company Culture


We believe that the most important part of a business is its human capital, and that the empowerment of people is the number one key to a successful business.


For our co-workers this means empowerment through continuous opportunity of growth, embracing the latest and most efficient technology, and fostering a culture of inspiration.


For our customers and fellow business leaders, this means providing clear, relevant and actionable intelligence to help them make better decisions.

Erik Nova

Att skapa tillväxt handlar ytterst om att öka bolagets fakturering och sedan att fokusera på den fakturering som ger lönsamhet på sista raden

 – Erik Ahlén, Nova

Some industries we have experience from

Manufacturing & Logistics

Software & Technology

Consumer Electronics & Products

E-commerce & Retail

Real Estate, Construction & Smart Cities

Mobile & IoT

Energy & Sustainability

Life Science

Health & Fitness


Banking & Finance


Big Data

Fashion & Cosmetics



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