Business Development
Strategic business development for maximized company value
Business Development
Both established and high growth companies can gain a great benefit from a structured business development process. Through clear prioritizations based on reliable data and well formulated strategies a business can expand more rapidly and with better return on investment.


We can assist you wholly or partially throughout the business development process, all the way from strategy to effective execution. Want to investigate how to increase focus, momentum and profitability? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sample services

  • Strategy
    • Methods of expansion
    • Customer profiling and strategy
    • Markets and segments
    • Maximized company value

  • Business Modelling
    • Scalability and profitability
    • Complex eco-systems
    • Recurring revenue models
    • Price optimization

  • Distribution
    • Distribution networks
    • Licensing and software
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Exclusive agreements

  • Negotiations
    • New business development
    • Business cases
    • Negotiation strategy
    • Agreement strategy

A structured business development process enables a more aggressive expansion at a better ROI
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Why structured business development?


Key success factors in any organization are clarity and focus. The kind of business the company choses to engage in will affect the whole organization ant its processes. A well formulated and clearly communicated direction makes it a lot easier for the whole organization to focus towards the same goal.


It is a lot easier to move fast if the desired direction is clear. A clear and credible material with buy-in from the firms leadership is easier to implement throughout the whole organization. This, in turn, gives a collective momentum that is second to none, and when combined with the right focus will facilitate strong growth.


Profitability is a key word of any successful deal. A focused and well implemented strategy leads to more profitable deals and a reduced cost for the whole company. By knowing what kind of business is the most profitable, a company will be able to drastically increase margins.

Clear decision material

An important part in the business development process is the material you work with. We can assist with material that can be used for strategic decisions on top management level, and to solidify decisions throughout an organization. We adjust the material after your individual needs and produce documents that can be used stand-alone or as a part of a complete marketing- or business plan. Below are a few examples.



We hope that you now have a better idea of how structured business development can help you. We also hope that we have spurred some interest in our services.
If you want to know more, we encourage you to contact us and look forward to discuss how we can help.


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